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It's a New Day

Thank you God for people like you!


Linda -


Even thought I'm a writer - I cannot find the words to express my greatfullness for this past weekend - simply, Thank You!People like me who are "fresh out" of the recovery process need time to be lon and process privately. I lovedd every actitivity and wanted to participate, but as you saw I was unable to hold "it up." I put he word into Dr. Levin, make this happen again. Consider me a volunteer for the next retreat





Dear Linda,


When God puts a dream in your heart the world becomes a place full of hope, happiness, and unlimited oppportunities to make those wishes and goals come true. it is so evident that your dream has evolved and I am blessed to have been a recipient of your vision.


Thanks for your love, commitment, perseverance and dedication to bring Hearts2Love to fruition. Thank you for putting together a comprehensive program that enlightens, delights and brightens the lives of "Survivors" since we know that it is "never" over. Thank you for your family that stepped up to help make this retreat a success. Thanks to all the contributors that took time out of thier busy days to share their expertise and to help us feel and look better. Thank you for Wendy who was by your side every step of the way this past weekend.


Lastly, thank you for your faith and being who you are. God knew each of us needed "It's a New Day" and you were hi vehicle to meet that need.


My "thank you" seems so small compared to all you've done, but it comes from my heart. I will keep you and your endeavor in my prayers. I know, without a doubt, that just as babies eventually mature into adulthood, Hearts2Love will exceedingly and abundantly grow so that Survivors will continue to benefit from its refreshments.


My time spent with you is unforgettable and the retreat exdeeded my expectations. I now have a "NOID" (nickname for a carcinoid patient) in my life, I fellowshipped with great people and I learned so much about the journey. If I can any way be of help or reference to you in the future, please feel free to contact me.


Love and blessings,



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